JIG is an international jewelry and clothing movement that believes in lifting aspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, and hustlers to win and look fresh while doing it. We ain't about breaking the bank on material possessions, we about investing in ourselves and our passions. To do that we need to feel confident...chest poked out...but still humble. We are the underdogs of the streets, the classrooms, and the conference rooms; Humbled how fortunate we are, but still reaching for our fortune.

Whether your chain is solid gold or plated, it DOES NOT matter, it matters how it makes you feel. Whether your hands are on piano keys, keys or a keyboard, our mission is for our customers to look at their JIG to help motivate them to keep hustlin'.  

Our movement is made up of hustlers that keep pushing each other forward. We send weekly inspiration to all hustlers in our weekly Muse email. Our Facebook group keeps growing and our members keep winning. 

We initially existed to ICE out everyone in L.A., but now we exist to ICE out every hustler, now that JIG has gone global.

Hustlers in over 50 countries worldwide are now fully ICED in JIG.

But despite going global, we have to stay true to our roots. The entrepreneurial, hustler roots.