All our 18K Gold coated jewelry are TRIPLE plated with over 2 Microns of the REAL DEAL to give each and every link that authentic look, weight and feel of solid gold with durability that CANNOT be matched by regular plating. The brass core lends even more weight, unlike stainless steel which is a cheaper metal that most online jewelers use.

No middlemen, no stores and no overhead, so you can own high-quality cuban jewelry that doesn't cost over $1k like solid gold chains.

Our Cuban chains have been perfected to MAXIMIZE the impact they have on people around you:

  • Your fam
  • Your crew
  • Your wifey / man

Everyone...will treat you differently when you rock your JIG but more importantly, you will treat yourself differently. Like a winner, like a hustler. 

Imagine the look on the faces of the crowd as you stroll into the club or conference room with a 19mm chain and matching JIG bracelet shining. OUCH.

That's heavy.

Of course we have those in solid gold too but we understand that not every Hustler is at that level yet.