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5 HOTTEST Ways to Rock Your Cuban (Even If It's Not Solid)


You know how it is... you see your boi rocking frosty ICE at the club and you're considering whether it is for you... but just not sure how that gold is styled.

Well in this post we will meet 5characters that thought exactly that... until they jumped in a realised one little secret that we will only reveal to you at the end of this article.

Let's get rollin'

1. Sol Lacore

"Everybody been sleeping on me for to mf long, don’t sleep to hard you might fall into a coma and miss the come up!"

You gotta meet ma boi Sol.

He rides hard here in L.A. 

And guess what... he rocks JIG.

ALL the time.

Check him out: 

Sol will be the first to tell you that rocking JIG gold plated gear gives you NO less respect than rocking solid gold.

First of all, our pieces are triple plated with 18k gold baby.

Yep 3 solid layers of the good stuff... leaving us with 2 microns of solid gold right there.

So first... if someone COULD tell by looking at the chain that it's not 100% gold (which they couldn't becuase the chain is plated with 100% 18k gold), if they felt it, the weight is very similar to that of a solid gold chain G!

Anyway, Sol is looking frosty in the Cuban ICE Max Set. Keeping it simple with the chain and bracelet over a black T with black jeans, the classic G look.

Below we have the chains sat over a white T and a camo army jacket => FRESH.

Now what we like about Sol.. is that he's a true hustler.

He's unsigned... he's coming up in this heezy... and you know why we KNOW he's gonna be big?

Cos he hustle's hard. That is what JIG is all about. Those street hustlers grinding away in the quiet whilst those part time G's sit around waiting for things to happen.

That's not Sol.

In fact, it was Sol that first said the legendary line:

The frost is serious:

Shouts out to my homie Sol... one of the founding members of Team JIG.

2. Mark Anthony Cruz


You gotta meet ma boi Mark.

Rocking it in Dubai, he rides deep. 

Chains, cars and girls that's how Mark flows.

Check him out: 

The beauty in the way Mark rocks JIG is definitely in the props, not the actual outfit itself.

He likes cars, he gets them and he rocks them. What's wrong with showing off the rewards of the Hustle?

Enough of the haters, Mark doesn't give a sh*t.

Mark would also be the first to day that who cares if the chain isn't 100% gold... not every Hustler can fork out $20k for a solid gold chain... yet.

We're all on the road to success, some ahead of others... so let's start celebrating that success now.

Mark is rocking the Cuban ICE Max Set with fresh sneaks, ripped blue jeans and white jumper - BIG.

JIG also wears well with flat caps G... so test that look out also.

The ICE is real with this one.

Shouts out to my homie Mark... one of the original JIG gangsters.

3. Elijah Brooks‎

"Somtimes you gotta chill yo"

You gotta meet ma boi Elijah.

A little more on the chill side than Sol and Mark... he rolls with a different kind of hustle.

More sofa than street... more puppy dog than Snoop Dogg, but it's still Hustle.

Now what we like about Elijah... is that he knows how to chill. Rocking his JIG here in long shorts and puppy dog to suit.

It's all about going HARD.

As sometimes, to sustain going HARD you need to rest HARD... and it's a skill.

Yes, resting from the Hustle is a skill. You chill at home with the dog and your lady, maybe toke a couple J's... nah mean.

And why not do this whilst ICED?

That spliff, that fur and that p**ssy... all will taste better under the weight of a JIG Cuban.

The chill is real.

Shouts out to my homie E-Dawg, we love you bro.

4. Jason Long

"Smooth it out G"

You know... not everyone that rocks JIG is an out and out G.

Some JIG Hustlers are a little... let's say... smoother.

The CURB and ROPE lines are a little more understated... and can be rocked well... with zero clothes.

Check him out: 

Jason is from L.A. grew up on the streets of Compton... and now is a male model.

And do you know how he got there?


He got up every day at 5am to train before heading into downtown to cold call on modelling agencies.

And now he balls in his Malibu, beachside house... rocking his Cuban ROPE... with little else.

Straight up G.

Shouts out to my homie Jason... one of the original L.A. JIG Crew.

5. Smashly

"Yo sis, just heading to a shoot, meet for drinkz later?"

Who said JIG was just for guys?

Oh no... JIG is for HUSTLERS, gender doesn't matter G.

Here Smashly is looking ICE cold in the Cuban ICE Max Set. Keeping it real with a camo jacket and you can't see but, short, denim shorts.

Below we have one with her guy:

I think we have proven that the versatility of these chains is REAL.

They can be rocked with just about anything: no clothes, white tees, black tees, the list goes one.

The only thing that matters...

And here is the secret to rocking your Cuban...


Is that it's the person wearing the Cuban that matters.

If you are true to the Hustle, if you work hard and play harder, then you will have NO issue ricing your Cuban.

JIG is right for you, welcome home Hustler.